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ToD volumes 1-5

So I'm gonna try to translate the Tales of Destiny: Directors Cut manga.

Disclaimer: I'm currently a full-time college student. My Japanese is also very rusty. It's partly a way for me to get better at the language, but that doesn't mean I'm going to post a scanlation that I'm not proud of. It'll take a while for me to put out completed chapters, but I'll do my best to post regular updates and keep things moving as smoothly as possible. I'm not planning on abandoning this project, no matter how long it takes. That said, I welcome any comments/suggestions/criticisms at any point in the project - I want to get better, so if there are any mistakes, unclear scans or translations, or if you just want to remind me to hurry up, leave a comment somewhere. :)

I'll also be sharing raws of every chapter, though I haven't decided exactly when and how I'll release them. I'll post more details when I get that sorted out - first priority is getting things set up and getting a translation started.

Finally, some reassurance: I've worked on scanlation projects before, though only as part of a group, so it's not as if I'm going in blind and producing an ugly-looking scan. Like I said, I won't release a scanlation that I'm not proud of.

Anyway, off to translate chapter 1!

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